Logo & Branding Design

Your brand is extremely important. It’s the face of your business and the thing your customers and potential customers will remember about you when you’re not there to remind them. In the age of pre-designed logos and internet based clip-art farms, it’s pretty easy to get lost in the crowd with respect to your brand. Do you want someone to look at your logo and think, “That looks a lot like…”? Not likely. You want something that is all yours.

But that’s not where the story ends. At GMS Designworks, we understand the psychology of branding. Colors and shapes mean something. They can be used to convey and even instill different types of emotions for the viewer. Knowing this, what do you want your potential clients and customers to “feel” when they see your logo?

And finally, your logo needs to be functional. Here’s a question. How do you think your logo would look if someone faxed it to you using a black & white fax machine? Would it come over as a solid, black box or circle? Or would the colors separate nicely to keep the original look? Not everything will be printed in color or at high quality, so we make sure our designs can pass the “fax test”.