Family Counseling of Greater Kansas City Website Launch

GMS Designworks is pleased to announce the launch of the new website forĀ Family Counseling of Greater Kansas City.

Gary and Sarah Armour give a balanced alternative to families who are looking for a counselor. Their 40 years of marriage (to each other) gives a stable foundation for their practice in marriage and family therapy. In fact, much of their work in the counseling field has been a great help to their marriage in applying principles of strong families to their lives. Sarah and Gary have three adult children and two grandchildren. Their greatest delight is spending time with our extended family and being “Grand” Parents for Avery and Addi.

The fact that Sarah and Gary provide both a male and female perspective in counseling families or individuals struggling with all kinds of issues, is a benefit as well. Sometimes, due to a person’s own set of stressors, the option of selecting a male or female counselor is important.

Gary’s background in serving for over 30 years in ministry, and Sarah’s commitment to share in creating a spiritual footing for their children, give them a common faith that may be included in the client’s healing experience. They also have empathy for pastors and others serving full time in ministry. The challenges can be overwhelming for families who desire to be faithful followers of Jesus and also fully committed to their family. The heartache and wounds that may occur in ministry are real issues that individual or family therapy may address.

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